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This website contains the documents, source code, and other information related to using Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) to create a selection of code that can be used in web applications for human voice input and simulated voice output.



This project occurred as part of our Computer Science Capstone class.  We were recruited by Professor Jim Larson to:


1. Design and implement a library of advanced speech interactors.


2. Perform usability studies on the advanced interactors.


3. Evaluate the advanced interactors based on the results of the usability study and create an initial report.


4. Make changes to the advanced interactors based on the evaluations.


5. Repeat the usability Study with the revised advanced interactors.


6. Re-evaluate the revised advanced interactors based on the new study and create a final report.


7. Create a website to post the interactors, the reports, and the data from the usability studies.


8. Create a description of the web site and submit it for publication on the SALT Forums web site, 



Our team consisted of the following Portland State University, Senior level Computer Science students:

Mark Cowlishaw        Chuck Banaka         Yevgeniya Yufereva

Tim Smith                  Pauline Amal           Mabel Pecos (e-mail)      



Explanation of Portland State University’s capstone course.


From:  Senior Capstone Community Handbook

What is the Senior Capstone?

Senior Capstone: An Integral Component of the University Studies Program
The Senior Capstone is a community-based academic course taken at the senior level of students’ general education program (University Studies).
Although each Capstone is unique in terms of community-based objectives and outcomes, every Capstone includes goals that are congruent with the general education goals in the University Studies program, including improvement in students’ ability to communicate effectively, think critically, work in a diverse society, and act in socially responsible ways.
Each Capstone results in some form of summation, closing project, or final product that puts closure to the students’ experience.



From: Computer Science - Course Listing

The primary purpose of this course is to give students a team experience that comes as close as possible to the environments in which they will find themselves after graduation. The course is intended to integrate the knowledge that students have acquired in their other CS courses.



Portland State University
Capstone Summer 2004